Cosmetic Dentistry

First Appointment

A temporary trial smile is fitted. The patient’s teeth are now minimally shaped and fitted for the temporary veneers, which will be worn by the patient for just under a week. This unique step allows patients to test drive their new smile.

Second Appointment

Permanent veneers are created. After wearing the temporary trial smile, the patient returns to provide feedback on the look and fit of their veneers. Any revisions of the temporary veneers are shared with the master ceramist, and a new mold is made prior to creating the final veneers.

Third Appointment

Permanent veneers are fitted. At this time, we remove the temporary veneers, and the patient is fitted with their new permanent smile.

Fourth Appointment

Follow-up appointment. This final re-contouring appointment, during which we apply the finishing touches to the patient’s new smile, occurs one to two days after the veneers are fitted.